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Victory Masters spotlight

It takes a team to bring victory to you. Meet your team that will show you what your real victory is.

Master Von Schmeling
Chief Master Von Schmeling has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years now. His students respect him not only for his teaching style and for his tremendous experience but also for the way he helped them grow in different stages of their lives. “One of the most valuable lessons I teach my students is how to become the best possible version of themselves.” Therefore, it’s amazing to see how martial arts help kids. “It teaches them the discipline to make the right choice at the right time,” Chief Master Von Schmeling explains. That unique view of discipline is what separates Victory Martial Arts from other schools. “We make discipline fun.” But what made Chief Master Von Schmeling interested in martial arts? “Lack of confidence I had as a teenager. Martial arts helped me boost my confidence to build the lifestyle I have today.”


Von Schmeling

8th Degree Black Belt

Master Fidel Casco
Chief Master F. Casco has been teaching martial arts for more than 40 years and holds an 8th Degree Black Belt. “A demo team came to my small town to do a presentation, and I was so impacted,” says Master Casco. “At that moment, I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” The thing he loves the most about his job is the ability to teach his students. “Martial arts guides my students to be consistent, persistent, focused, and be a winner - never give up!” And that’s something only Victory does. “We use martial arts as a tool to change a person’s life in a positive way with life skills like discipline and confidence,” explains Master Casco. “Our class balances life skills such as discipline and self-esteem with the fun of learning new martial arts skills. Every student has the opportunity to shine, and improve every day!”


Fidel Casco

8th Degree Black Belt

Master Leonardo Nery
“Martial arts build my character and guide me in all stages of my life!'' Master Nery starts his story. He was just a 5 year old when he joined the martial arts world! “My parents took me to a class and I fell in love with it!”, he explains. He has been teaching for more than 30 years now. “I love seeing students progress and grow,” he says. “Training martial arts helps children develop discipline, grow self-esteem, and improve their focus and social skills.” And his classes help kids to adopt some valuable life lessons. “Structure, discipline, fun…this is how you can describe my classes. Immense knowledge, so my students can apply what they’ve learned in everyday life. They become role models for others,” explains Master Nery.


Leonardo Nery

8th Degree Black Belt

Master Luiz Zamboni
One thing Master Zamboni loves the most about his job is how martial arts help his students. “One of the most valuable lessons kids learn in my classes is how to overcome fears,” he explains. “It also teaches them discipline and self-esteem they need to be successful in school and life.” And with over 30 years of teaching experience and a 7th-degree black belt, Master Zamboni knows how to teach these valuable lessons in the best possible way. But not all kids join the martial arts world for fun. Some, like Master Zamboni, join to learn how to protect themselves. “I wanted to learn self-defense,” he says. “But martial arts have changed my life. I am who I am because of martial arts.”


Luiz Zamboni

7th Degree Black Belt

Master Hermann Von Schmeling
Master Hermann Von Schmeling has been teaching martial arts for more than 27 years and holds a 7th Degree Black Belt. He first joined the martial arts world as a young boy amazed by the legacy his father created. “One of the things I love the most about my job is our team members and families of Victory,'' says Master Hermann Von Schmeling. “The delivery of the life skills and community is what separates Victory Martial Arts from other schools.” “At Victory students learn how to be the best version of themselves through martial arts,” he explains. “They learn how to be young independent self-sufficient human beings.” But teaching martial arts had a huge impact on his life too. “Martial arts has changed my life,” says Master Hermann Von Schmeling. “I’ve been teaching these life skills and reinforcing the same values as a parent now.”


Hermann Von Schmeling

7th Degree Black Belt

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