Family program​

Build an Unbreakable Family Bond

Making Memories That Will Last Forever​

Victory Martial Arts provides the optimal opportunity for your family to have fun, get healthy, and enjoy quality family time.

Don’t just watch your kids, be on the same team with them! Hop into class with them and show them the value of family time. Enjoy learning side-by-side as you connect deeper, grow stronger, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is to help your family create your own Victory. Because families that kick together, stick together.

Did You Know?

After Kids Turn 18, They Spend

significantly less time with their families, from 4h per day when they are 18 to less than 1 hour a day when they're 30 years old.

*According to the American Time Use Survey

Only 15% Of The Parents

indicated that overall physical health is the top concern for their children, even though rates of childhood obesity have been climbing.

*According to the survey done by the YMCA of the USA

74% Of Parents Say They Choose

to spend family time with their children sitting in front of a TV while 53% spend leisure time with their kids playing video games.

*According to the survey done by the YMCA of the USA

Your Family Will Get:



A Deeper Connection

Lifetime Memories

Improved Safety Skills

Increased Joy & Reduced Stress

Quality Time

Greater Self-Confidence

Renewed Family Definition

Increased Chances Of Future Success

New Tools For Positive Communication

Improved Overall Behavior

Greater Happiness

Improved Academic Performance

A New Form Of Family Fun

Here is What Our Students Say:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for an activity that will bond your family in a fun and exciting way, then our Family program is perfect for you. We give families an opportunity to learn together, grow together and thrive together. No matter the age or physical condition, every member of your family will have fun learning martial arts techniques. And remember, it’s an effective physical activity that has many different benefits. As our students like to say: families that kick together stick together.

We want each member of your family to enjoy the classes. That’s why our Family program is specifically designed to allow everyone to learn at their own pace while bonding with their loved ones.

Nowadays, it seems like families grow apart with each passing day. The stress of everyday life filled with endless to-do lists makes people tired. Victory Martial Arts is a school built by a family for families. We want families to grow closer and bond stronger. At Victory, families are teams. And there’s never a dull moment when you play on the same team with the ones who love you the most.

Parents often spend their time driving their kids from one after-school activity to another. But being able to enjoy the same activity as your child and be a part of the same team is a priceless experience every parent cherishes. Just imagine how much quality bonding time you’ll have with your kids! At Victory, we help families understand each other on a deeper level which helps kids grow respect for their parents and siblings. In addition, we emphasize the importance of teamwork as a tool to make family bonds even more. Because our family is the most valuable team we’ll ever have.

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