Preschool Program​

Where Discipline and Fun Team Up

A Foundation for a Thriving and Focused Mind​

Improve your child's ability to follow instructions, overcome shyness, and improve motor skills, while having fun!

Our preschool program is specially designed for little one's ages 3 – 6. Each class is perfectly timed for their age group and focuses on using basic martial arts skills to reinforce values such as respect, self-esteem, and discipline.

Committed to providing maximum safety for your child, every instructor and program director is certified, background checked, and trained in martial arts by the very best in the industry.

Did You Know?

The Lack Of Self-Esteem

is the underlying cause of fear, anger, panic attacks, social anxiety disorders, etc.

*According to the research conducted by Prof. Lissette Saavedra

The Average 2-Year-Old Child

hears 432 negative statements per day, but only 32 positive statements each day.

*According to a research study at the University of Iowa

More Than 1 Hour Of Screen Time A Day

for kids between 2 and 3 years old may cause developmental delays when they are 3-5 years of age.

*According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

Our Students:

Listen Better

Follow Directions Quicker

Focus Easier

Respect Authority & Themselves

Value Healthy Habits

Know Personal Safety

Practice Respect

Interact Better With Others

Can Socialize

Display Self-Control

Practice Better Manners

Develop Better Hygiene Habits

Are Better Prepared For School

Love Having Fun

Here is What Our Students Say:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Children can start classes as soon as they can participate without help from their parents. This is usually when they are 2 or 3 years old. This is the best age to embrace essential social skills like listening to authority (a parent or a teacher) while having fun with their friends.

Martial arts classes can provide a well-rounded experience that helps preschoolers develop in every way. Kids learn to control their bodies and develop coordination and strength. They also learn to focus their attention and follow directions. As they progress in their training, they develop a sense of discipline and respect for themselves and others. They grow confidence to ask questions and they start to believe they can do something on their own. And, of course, they have tons of fun with their new friends.

Martial arts may be a transformative experience for kids, whether they are shy or bursting with energy. It helps them build self-confidence and overcome their fears. At Victory, they learn to respond quickly and efficiently to different stimuli in a supportive, safe group class setting. They easily interact with others and follow instructions. This helps them develop greater self-discipline and boost their self-esteem. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they learn that they can achieve things they once thought impossible.

When assigning kids to the same class, we always consider age and belt rank first to ensure every child has the best possible experience. This helps kids learn at the same speed and creates a sense of belonging within the class as they work together to master techniques while pushing one another to be their best.

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