9 Life-Saving Women’s Self Defense Tips


9 Life-Saving Women’s Self Defense Tips

Over a quarter of a million women and girls are reported missing in the United States every year. Women's self defense has never been more important. At Victory Martial Arts we want women to have a complete picture of women's self defense that may help protect them from a real-life attack. Here are 9 life-saving women’s self defense tips that will help you stay safe
Women Self Defense Life Saving

1) Situational Awareness

You can’t always be prepared for an attack, but you can definitely be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

The first step in women’s self defense is to avoid situations that are compromising. No, it’s not fair that you can’t be safe drinking at a bar alone, walking in alleys or dark places, or even leaving a public place for a secluded parking lot. But this is the reality we live in and you have to take ownership of your own safety.

Please, don’t put yourself into compromising situations. Be aware of the situation you are in, the people around you, and the potential for danger.

If someone is acting suspiciously or following you, move away from them immediately. If they get too close, yell out to let people know what’s going on and run away as fast as you can.

If possible, avoid walking alone at night and try to stick within well-lit areas with a lot of traffic.

2) Trust Your Instincts

Have you ever heard of a woman’s intuition? Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

This may be difficult to perceive when you’re in an unfamiliar place or around strangers, but you must listen to this feeling and act on it if necessary. 

Victims often mention how they felt uneasy about a situation before being attacked. You have that inner voice for a reason. Be sure to listen to it.

3) Carry Women’s Self Defense Tools

Women’s self defense tools are always a good idea. Here are some of the best:

  • Flashlight – Even if you’re not planning on using it as a weapon, having a flashlight in your hand can be incredibly useful when trying to find something in the dark or identifying an intruder.
  • Whistle – A whistle can help draw attention and scare away attackers with its shrill sound. It also makes for a great distraction tactic if someone is approaching from behind.
  • Pepper Spray – This nonlethal substance comes in several different forms–spray bottles, keychains, and even pens–and has been shown to disable an attacker when sprayed into their faces at close range.
  • Self Defense Keychain – A women’s self defense keychain such as a kubotan ( a small metal rod with a pointed end) or a cat-shaped knuckle keychain are great ways to amplify the effectiveness of your strikes when fighting back.

4) Carry Yourself With Confidence

Attackers often look for what they feel will be an easy target. Timid or weak-postured women give off the impression that they won’t put up a fight. 

Walk with your head up.

Hold your shoulders back and chest out.

Walk swiftly with presence, making eye contact with those around you as if you own the place (even if it’s a public bathroom).

Giving off an aura of confidence may make a potential attacker think twice.

5) Be Aware and Cautious of Attack Lures

Attackers are “fishing” for a victim, so you should be aware of attack lures. An attack lure is a tactic used by attackers to get close to you before they attack.

The attacker may ask you for help near his vehicle, or he may ask if he can use your phone. In both cases, the attacker tries to get as close as possible. He hopes to overpower and subdue his victim with an easy exit strategy to his car, or a hidden place, before she has time to react.

The best way to avoid being attacked by someone who uses this lure tactic is simply not to give him what he wants. If you are in a vulnerable situation, decline the request. You can act like you are in a hurry or have someone waiting for you.

6) Deny the Attack Opportunity

Don’t make it easy for a perpetrator to attack you. Other people are your greatest protection. Stick with friends and take paths with people around.

Avoid getting in an elevator with someone that makes you uncomfortable. Also, wait for people to leave the area of your car or near a door you wish to use.

You can create distance by putting objects between you and any potential attacker (chairs, tables, etc.). If possible, run away from an attacker as soon as possible because every second is another opportunity to get help.

7) Protect Your Personal Space

Personal space is a bubble around you, and the best way to defend your personal space is to be aware of it and to maintain it. If someone invades your personal space, you have the right to defend yourself. 

Two arm lengths are the general rule you should follow to maintain your personal space bubble. That distance will give you a chance to react. Anything closer is too close, and chances are it will be too late for you to prevent a physical attack.

When someone gets too close or touches you without permission, say something like, “Back off,” or, “Stop touching me.” If they don’t listen, use physical force (kicking them in the shins) or scream/yell as loudly as possible while backing away from them until they leave. If they continue following after being told not to it’s time to become the aggressor, not the victim.

8) Be the Threat

Put your hands up in a defensive position and use a commanding voice to tell them to stay away. Yell out words to draw attention to the attack, such as, “Help,” “Get away from me”, or “Rapist.” Especially if you’re in a public place, speak loudly so that people nearby can hear you. You may even want to go as far as yelling out words like, “Police,” or, “Fire!” 

Although you have your hands up in a defensive posture be prepared for a physical altercation.

9) Create Pain

 When you are being attacked your number one priority in women’s self defense is to get away. You can often do this by creating a distraction by inflicting pain on your attacker. It is challenging for the attacker to think about abducting you when they are thinking about the pain they are in.

The best way to create pain is by hitting the attacker’s body with your own. Strike them in places where they are vulnerable, such as the groin or eyes. If possible, use a self defense tool, like a kubotan, which will amplify the pain of your attack.

Chances are your attacker will let go or loosen his grip. This is your opportunity to get away.


Create distance between you and the attacker.

Final Thoughts on Life-Saving Women’s Self Defense

We hope these women’s self defense tips will help you to feel more confident and safer in your daily life. But nothing can prepare you like attending women’s self defense classes.

Women’s self defense classes are an opportunity for you to physically prepare to defend yourself against abduction. Not only do you learn what to do in various attack situations you practice repeatedly how to physically fight back against an attacker.

This repetition of women’s self defense moves creates muscle memory, so when you are in a life-and-death situation you can defend yourself without having to think about it.

Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry, so drop into a Victory Martial Arts women’s self defense class or Krav Maga class right away.


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